Saturday, October 15, 2011

STATUS UPDATE as of Sat. 10/15/11

Thanks to many great volunteers, all the water soaked and mud coated stuff has been removed from the building. Keep finding little pockets of goop, but that's minimal. Water, power, phone/fax, and WiFi internet have been restored. JA has loaned me a computer so you can return books here again. The studs have been tested for moisture, but they are not dry enough yet to put the walls back together. The furnaces in the cellar are ruined and must be replaced, so it's a little chilly in here. Suburban brought us a new propane tank today and got the remaining furnace in the attic working, so I hope that with some fans going, some of that heat will make it downstairs. The (replaced) dehumidifier and sump pump in the cellar work constantly, but the ground is SO saturated, water continually oozes in through the fieldstone walls. I wish everything was back to normal, but it will be a long time before it is. I'm there most every day, so stop in and say hello - I miss you guys!

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