Saturday, January 29, 2011

What a Week!

Came in on Monday and the furnace in the downstairs front rooms was blowing cold air. RJDowns came and installed a stop-gap glow plug until they can get the correct part.
Thursday the lift decided to go up by itself. Glenn and his helper replaced a bad button.
Also Thursday the WiFi decided to not connect to the internet. MidTel to the rescue on that one.
Friday the grouted joints in the entryway landing started popping up, probably due to water/ice from the weather. That's a warm weather fix, so it will have to look unfinished for a while.
I hope bad things come in fours, not threes; I'd hate to think we were starting another triple play.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Joe Heyman Program

Joe Heyman Photo Show and Lecture
Monday February 7th @ 7pm

Nationally recognized photographer , NASA scientist and father of our own Laura Rosenthal will present photos from around the world, bringing together his rocket-science background with his passion for nature, art and people.

Joe has also donated a framed and signed piece of his work titled "Serengeti Nap" (#1 of 15) for a fund-raising library raffle. Tickets are only $5 each and the drawing will be right after his program. The photo may be seen in person at the Circulation Desk.

e-Audiobooks for you? Yes!

Want an audiobook to listen to while you commute, do housework, or just for pleasure? Don’t have a cassette tape player anymore, but do have a computer or an MP3 player? Come to the Schoharie Free Library on Thursday February 3rd @ 7pm and Trustee Jody DeJong will show you how to download free e-audiobooks from the Library’s service, NetLibrary. If you have a wifi-enabled laptop, bring it along and use the Library’s free WiFi hotspot. If you don’t have a library card to use, we can issue you one that very evening; you will need your driver’s license or other photo ID.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hooray - it snowed! As anyone who has ever come into the building knows, i LOVE snow! I spent the majority of my childhood up in Watertown, NY, so I come by it naturally.
I went to a Workshop @ MVLS on Thursday about adding Library message to Facebook and smart phones. Anyone have any opinions on that? We were also told we need to blog more, at least once a week. Let me konw what you think about that, too.