Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Reading Program

"One World, Many Stories" is the title of this year's summer reading program for kids pre-school to HS seniors. Sign up, keep track of the time you spend reading, come in for prizes and to enter drawing for more prizes, earn a free book, help give a llama to a needy family in another country, come to the live programs and performances, play the games and puzzles on the SRP website , explore the NYState SRP website- have fun and READ!

Summer 2011

Welcome back Rose Carballeira, Sage College student, for another round of working Circulation Desk for me. That means I can get out into the rest of the Library and WEED WEED WEED older, uncirculated books to make room for the newest publications. Shelf space, after all, is finite. I might even be able to clear out the cellar, organize the work room, file a bunch of papers - plans, I got!